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The Co-op Bike Fest

Thank you Karin and everyone who sat at the Bike for Life booth at the Moscow Food Co-op BIKE FEST.

It was great to be a part of such a sucessful event.

If you participated in this event and have more photos to put on this web-site please email them to Brooke.

Credit for the superb photos from this event goes to DAVID HALL


Bike to Troy, 2010

Many people came to ride the Trail to Troy. This is the second season since it’s compleation so it’s a real treat to ride the whole way. In Troy everyone stopped at the Filling Station.  If you participated and have comments, please post them below.

Pictures of Bike to Work Day 2010

Bike to Work Day was a royal success!

Treats were provided by Wheat-berries Bakery. Thank you!

Free tune-ups were provided by Paradise Creek Bicyles. Thank you TJay!

Nancy Nelson printed some t-shirts, she still have a few extras for sale so if you are interested please let us know.

2nd Week of Tow your Tots

This week, (Wednesday May 12th) 4 of us biked from Moutainview Park to Patty’s Kitchen.

The weather was great, the trip was easy and even the kids enjoyed the ride!

We took these photos from Moutainview Park. If you haven’t been there, this gorgeous park is at the edge of town, if you head North on Moutainview Rd. the road turns a sharp right, then left and Mountainview park is on your left hand side.

Now all Patty’s needs is a huge bike rack for all us Moms when we arrive on Wednesdays! 🙂

The 1st Tow your Tots was cold but great!

Last week (Cinco de Mayo) was indeed a cold ride but we did it! And the trip only took 30 minutes!

Even at a slow pace, from Mountainview Park to Patty’s Kitchen, stopping 2 or 3 times to watch the pheasants and mallard ducks, the trip was surprisingly fast. The whole trip is flat and mostly on the bike-paths so it was easy!

I carried a friend’s 4 year old in the Charriot stroller with Hannah and it worked beautifully, Hannah even feel asleep with a buddy next to her!

Gretchen and her kids met us at Patty’s and since it was Cinco de Mayo we saw many friends there with the same idea for lunch.

We hope to see more Mom’s with bike trailers out this week, or just meet us at Patty’s to enjoy some burritos together!

(Please contact me via comments on this blog if you would like to borrow a trailer…a few Mom’s have offered theirs for this event if you don’t have one.)