Bike Lanes – City Hall Tonight

The city needs your opinion.
Tonight from 5pm-7pm in City Hall (3rd and Washington) is an open house for the Third Street traffic calming plans. There are three proposed plans and they all have exactly the same traffic calming (raised crosswalks, lower speed limit, timed flashing lights by the schools, and gateway medians). The only difference is parking and bike lanes.
Two plans have sharrows. Plan C includes a separated bike lane (also called a cycletrack or protected bike lane).
Moscow has never had a separated bike lane before and your opinion is important. Please come to City Hall to learn more about this exciting new possibility for our city. There is a model example set up and we will be answering questions.
Separated bike lanes are being installed across the USA to provide low-stress routes for bicyclists who are not confident riding with vehicle traffic. Studies show that about 60% of the population is not willing to ride their bicycle in traffic. Separated bike lanes are intended for this population.

The photo below is the same dimensions that will be installed on 3rd Street. It is one of many separated bike lanes in America.


This is located here (click the link and streetview it):

Example separated bike lane

For more information here is a brand new guidebook that the Federal government has made: 

And this recent guidebook is targeted for small rural cities like Moscow, Idaho:

If you cannot attend tonight then send an email to the city. They want to know 1) how much do you ride or want to ride your bike and 2) have you ever used a separated bike lane before? Send your comments to:


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