Bicycle Yarn Bombing – Call for Artists!


Visit for lots of great ideas for bicycle yarn bombing!

Bike for Life is very excited about our first ever artwalk collaboration!  Local knitters and crocheters are invited to “yarn bomb” bicycles, helmets, bike parts and other bicycle paraphernalia for outdoor display at Bike Fest on May 4th and at The Yarn Underground for the Moscow artwalk on June 14th and throughout the summer.  The Yarn Underground can provide the yarn, and local bike shops will be providing old bikes and parts.  Download the application for more details.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jen at or Marisa Gibler at

What is Yarn Bombing?  Yarn bombing is a type of “street art that employs colorful displays of knitted or crocheted yarn or fibre rather than paint or chalk.” (

Who Can Participate?  Knitters and crocheters of all ages and skill levels can participate.  All that you need are some basic skills and your imagination!  If you can knit a rectangle, you can yarn bomb the frame of a bike.  If you can crochet a circle, you can yarn bomb a wheel.  If the thought of doing a whole bike on your own is daunting, try doing a child-sized bike or trike.  Or yarn bomb a bike with a group of friends.  Make it into a fun social gathering!

Where Do I Get Materials?  You are welcome to use materials you already have but if you don’t have access to used bikes or yarn:

 Bicycles and bike parts for yarn bombing are available from:

  • Paradise Creek Bicycles – 513 S Main St, Moscow, 208.882.0703 (ask for T Jay or Nick)
  • Follett’s Mountain Sports – 407 S Washington St, Moscow, 208.882.6735 (ask for Chester)
  • B & L Bicycles –  219 E Main St, Pullman, 509.332.1703 (ask for Brice)
  • NOTE: There will be a bicycle in the window of (or chained to the bike rack next to) The Yarn Underground that anyone can add small pieces to (no application necessary

Yarn: The Yarn Underground has a large collection of donated yarn that can be used for your project.

Workshops: There will be a Yarn Bombing Workshop on Saturday, March 30, 1-2pm at The Yarn Underground ($10).  Like The Yarn Underground ( and Bike for Life Moscow ( on Facebook for all the latest “yarn bombing” updates.

Important Deadlines: Download the application and submit by April 30, 2013.  Completed pieces are due by May 1, 2013 if you want to display them at both Bike Fest (May 4th) and Moscow artwalk (June 14th through August).  Pieces are due by June 11, 2013 for display at Moscow artwalk (June 14th through August).

Again, all ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Jen at or Marisa Gibler at

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