TONIGHT! Full Moon Bike Ride

Join the University of Idaho Sustainability Center for tonight’s Full Moon Bike Ride!  Come decked out in lights and glow sticks and enjoy a full moon ride through Moscow. Possible prizes for most lights and/or best costume.

Meet at 9:00pm tonight at the Theopolus Tower at the University of Idaho (click here for route map).  This event is a pilot for future night time bike rides so let’s make this a ride to remember!


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  1. Posted by Susan Snover on October 6, 2012 at 9:23 am

    Can anyone give information about biking Pullman to Troy? What is the condition of the trail–any puncture vine–just had two blowouts while biking on a trail in WallaWalla.
    Two tandem on a biking vacation. Thanks for any advice


    • The Chimpman Trail (Pullman to Moscow), the Paradise Path (through Moscow) and the Latah Trail (Moscow to Troy) are fully paved and are used on a regular basis by bike commuters. I haven’t heard of any problems with the condition of these trails so you should be fine. Enjoy your vacation! Sounds like a fun way to travel!


    • The trail is really nice and smooth. You shouldn’t have any problems.
      Not much of a grade and beautiful scenery. The only concern you might want to be aware is that we have a lot of smoke in the area right now due to forest fires in Washington.
      Enjoy your trip!


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