May 7 Bike Swap

[From Isaak and Emmett]

Hey All,

Bike Swap is back again this year, and it’s coming up soon! This year it will be taking place next to the Friendship Square fountain during the first Farmer’s Market of the year, Saturday May 7th from 8am-1pm. It’s going to have great visibility this year so we’re trying to make it a big one. Spread the word. And bring your bikes, bikes parts, bike stuff, bike junk and any related bike paraphernalia down to the square May 7th and get it sold. Or if you need more bike stuff to fill your garage come on down to buy!

We’ll have some tables for sellers, but if you can bring your own, all the better.

And as always, free for sellers, free for buyers and free bike repairs all day long. Emmett and I will be doing tune-ups and Follett’s and Paradise will send some mechanics as well.

Should be a good time! Hope to see you all there.

Yeah for bikes,

Isaak and Emmett

Forward this to ten cyclist friends or you will be cursed with two flat tires and a broken chain on your next ride……..

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