Moscow City Council: Bike Parking

(a message from Tom Lamar)

Bike for life folks,

I encourage you to attend the Moscow City Council meeting Tuesday, January 18 at 7pm.  Item #6 on the agenda is a public hearing whereby the council will consider amending the City Code Providing for the Requirement of Bicycle Parking for Commercial and Multi-Family Residential Development. The proposed language would establish standards for installation of required bike parking, including acceptable bicycle rack types, bike rack placement and lighting, and bicycle rack sheltering. The Ordinance also allows for an administrative variance from some of the standards for existing developments, including a potential reduction of up to 10% of the required motor vehicle parking to accommodate the installation of the required bike parking. Additionally, the Ordinance provides for a phased parking provision option for land uses where the anticipated parking demand is uncertain or where there is a lack of suitable bicycle access to the site.

If you can’t make the meeting, but would like to email the whole council, visit: and click on the link “Email all council members”

Download the council agenda here:


Tom Lamar


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