May 26 – Tow your Tots

The final Tow your Tots event! The last two Wednesdays have been really beautiful days (in the middle of the rainy ones!)

Last week we had 6 join us! We’re getting bigger every time 🙂

Again the ride is mostly flat, takes under 30 minutes to bike from Mountain View Park to Patty’s Kitchen. If you haven’t gotten out on your bike yet, this is the perfect ride for you! Slow and easy, chatting along the way. Remember your helmets and trailer flags if you have them.

It’s been such a sucess for some of the Moms that we’re considering continuing past May.

Patty’s Kitchen is changing their 2 for 1 special day to Tuesdays so starting in June we’ll be riding to Patty’s on Tuesdays.

Also, if you are in need of a helmet and are financially unable to purchase one, Gritman Hospital has a program for free helmets for you!

If your little ones needs a helmet, on June ____ at the East-Side Marketplace you can get kids helmets for free at the Safety Event



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